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Dr. Ricardo Plancarte Sánchez

Anesthesiology and Algology

  • General Practice License : 398053
  • University attended : Michoacan University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo
  • Specialization License : 3212327
  • University attended : Health Secretary
  • Courses, workshops, Diplomas, Congresses and Attendances : Head and Founder of the Pain Clinic of the National Cancer Institute. Mexico, Member of the World Institute of Pain, Postgraduate in Anesthesiology and Pain Clinic certified by the National Institute of Pain, Prof. Head of the Chair of Algology and Interventional Pain Treatment, UNAM National Autonomous University of Mexico, FIPP FELLOW IN INTERNATIONAL PAIN PRACTICE: World Institute of Pain “Duly signed by Examination Board of Section on Pain Practice” Lubbock, Texas USA 2001. No. 0018, DOCTORATE IN MEDICINE RESEARCH: "WITH HONORABLE MENTION" National Polytechnic Institute, Higher School of Medicine Section of Graduate Studies and Research, FORMER PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER OF THE MEXICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY AND TREATMENT OF PAIN (AMETD)1993/1994, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE MEXICAN SOCIETY OF ANESTHESIOLOGY 1998/1999, FORMER PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER OF THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF ALGOLOGY 1993/1994, Author of more than 90 National and International publications in Specialized Medical Journals and in the National Institute of Health.